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Down through the ages India has been known as the land of Spices. Urban spices came into existence in 2018 with very few products but today we deal in a wide range of products . We stand committed to settle for nothing but the best. The brand enjoys a very important role in Indian kitchens with four brands i.e., 

1)Healthy Planet

2)Urban Spices



                As we all are familiar with the fact that spices are very necessary to enhance the taste of every recipe, So all these four brands presents the combo of  tested and self used flavours of their spices to  enhance the aromatic property of your cuisine . Urban spices is here from pure spices to whole ones, sprinklers to blended spices and along with seasoning spices which are all chemically free taken the small segments of every from all over India  spice to mix it together so that every person can enjoy the best flavours of their food without any preservative or chemical added .

Not only this but we are also here with our brand Healthy Planet launched with revolutionary ranges of superseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and lots more to serve you the best as well as your entire family , and lastly with green coffee to give you healthy and fat free life . So urban spices is presenting itself with the combination of  :

1. Good taste 

2. Health 

3. Fitness 

4. Wholesomess

An opportunity given by you is all

that if it gives a chance to built a fruitful relationship forever between you and us .

                         OUR IDEOLOGY 

Our ideology is to use spices to add flavor to our food and to make the cooking process more interesting, 

In a healthier manner. 

                    Once you get anything  in your home from our end, you have it forever.

After all 


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